Here’s the best feature of the upcoming Oppo Find X

Through 2018, revealed OBO for phone its flagship innovative as Find X, which comes with a stunning design without any third parties, the company almost, We will continue with you today the highlights of its features.

Luxury design and

Features Find X attractive appearance and extremely smooth without any holes visible to the network, where they appeared to be made of a piece of glass of one takes going to go with your front and rear with a metal frame between them, which gives a sense of luxury immediately to constipation, as well for coming back the color graded violin see the picture properly gives the effect of a light glossy unique.

A panoramic screen

Comes Oppo flagship the latest screen AMOLED screen measuring 6.4 inch accurately 2340×108 dimensions width 19.5:9, while the screen is covered 93.8% of the phone interface, which is what police are calling the display panoramic viewing experience enjoyable.

Hidden cameras, three-dimensional

Is cameras are the most prominent feature in the Find X, so that the rear and front of them are hidden inside part slides over the small engine in order to remain hidden inside the structure until you need them, where we find after a front camera 25 maps and other wallpaper double 16+20 maps, the presence of the sensor in three-dimensional space to distinguish the imprint flip over 15,000 points to unlock the phone is completely secure and faster than a fingerprint much.

Specification pioneer

Come Find X with a processor Snapdragon 845 major in addition to 8 gigabytes of RAM and internal memory large capacity of 256 gigabytes, which can withstand daily usage Heavy is excellent.

Large battery charge high-speed

Come Find X with a battery of relatively large capacity 3,750 mAh with technical support VOOC Flash Charge for fast charging of the Oppo, which enables users to charge the battery even 50% in only half an hour.

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