Here’s what you should know about version EMUI10 – the latest interface to use for Huawei Smart

With the name of Huawei globally for their ability to invent smart phones and advanced to meet the different needs of users, and part of the credit goes to the interface, use the phones EMUI implemented by the company and continues to develop generation after generation, she married her constantly more advanced features aimed to keep the requirements of all levels of users, so it has become famous for seamlessly dealing with their advantages and functions that operate without tripping or malfunctions.

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Depends on this fact today more than 500 million daily users distributed in 216 countries, and provides support for more than 77 languages, and reached out to Huawei to station advanced since it launched its first release in 2012. More recently summarized the company’s huge investments with the aim of developing them to new levels, and add advanced features to offer a user experience unparalleled, and the result was the launch of the new version entirely EMUI10, which represented the latest update for the software phones Huawei Smart will join the company on its smart phones soon.

The appearance of the completely new

Provide Huawei in version EMUI10 interface using the completely new designed to reflect the value of collective top Without to give up the efficiency of its operation and ease of use of its functions. The new design that is inspired from design magazines, it gives you a wider space with addresses greater ease moving around the interface. You will also find that the drop down menus and free text to allow the use of larger icons make dealing with them easier. Adds a new design, a broader exchange between the notifications on the screen to become share the fun visually.

This new version of the roll-up to include contacts, settings, and notepad and even the apps gallery, the particular development has become the easiest waste it best rated health. You will also see some changes in the icons different in fact look clearer while maintaining the unique way that the Huawei phones.

The design of the latest development of the camera

Most donated by Huawei at its mobile phones cameras, and adds a new update for its phones additional advantages and modifications minutes advanced to the front of the camera.

Background the camera application has become simpler and clearer and in which the tool sliding a new feature zoom viewer with a stylish interface when switching between modes. If you love adding special touches to your photos, you’ll see in the camera application New 11 filter new dining options include a monochromatic color, but if you are a user mode Aperture, you’ll also find that the level of impact of the Booker became listed on the form of f-stop instead of just a number.

The elegance of the improved colors

When you see the interface EMUI10 you’ll quickly notice that the colors of its elements have become clearer and calmer, and that’s intentional, the set of the new colors this inspired by the palette of the painter of the famous Italian George Morandi, which is the product of blending light gray color with the colors to produce the colors of the quiet Spectra and the fantastic offer an elegant look suggests peace and beauty.

This is the new look to be incarnate in different corners of the interface to use, and clearly the largest in the Contacts application, as they cover the background of the contacts without a picture of one of the degrees of the six colors soft.

The pattern of dark colors and all-new

The pattern of dark colors one of the most new features attractive to users in the Android system Q, it gives the entire facade a higher level of visual comfort. Worked for Huawei on the development of this style to the level of the best in the encountered EMUI10, to provide more than just convert everything on the screen to the color black, it offers the convenience of visually higher thanks to the unique way to adjust contrast, even in situations of variable lighting. It is the outcome of research conducted by Huawei opted for the ease of reading and personal comfort for the users through the use of their phones within four levels of Illumination are different, and I found the need to add four attributes to colors in EMUI10 to suit different lighting conditions.

What is characteristic of the style are dark colors in the interface to use EMUI10 it also applies to applications installed in the phone in advance and even on the applications other companies to complement the viewing experience comfortable, smooth and convenient to operate.

Run smoother

You will notice quickly when you use the new interface EMUI10 that motion graphics has become flexible and more natural, making war-like in the real world to assess the experience of using the best. Thus the pressure long objects to the bottom of the screen makes them retreat to a distance deeper before arrange, at the same time the speed of the drag and drop on the screen affect how the interaction of the objects is apparent. This give users the feeling of a natural interaction through the use of their smart phones. Increases the magnificence of the experience of the use of this aspect rate to better show the frames of the screen during the movement of the charges reduces time delays and makes the motion look smoother and finer.

Will be series phones Huawei P30 the first devices that will receive upgrade version of “beta” demo update EMUI10, starting from 8 September next in various global markets, followed by the updated series phones HUAWEI Mate20 and other phones Huawei smart one to use the new.

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