Hermeus the development of jet aircraft capable of flying from New York to London in less than 90 minutes


Visiting New countries is fun, but what’s not fun is the travel. This is because unless you can afford the cost of air travel by business class or first class or private jet, you won’t be in front of you only the option to travel in coach on long flights and tired. However, hopes of a company called Hermeus reduce travel times significantly.

Received the company’s recent financial support of the financiers of the two major investors from the private sector, which is the funding that will be used to develop a supersonic speed. This aircraft, which is said it is able to travel faster than the speed of sound by about five times, you will be able to transport passengers from New York to London or vice versa in less than 90 minutes.

At the moment, the journey from New York to London is about 7 hours, which means that the travel time of this new will be faster by about 5 times. According to Mr. AJ Piplica, who serves as CEO of Hermeus, it has stated by saying : ” We have journeyed on a journey to revolutionize the infrastructure of global growth, where we seek to bring international flights to the new era by increasing the speed of travel significantly long distances “.

However, it may take some time before we see this plane become prevalent. Mr. AJ Piplica channel CNN that the process of establishing a passenger plane has this super speed will take probably a decade to be developed, so don’t expect to see any time soon.

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