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الهروين الجديد

The British government announced in February 2020 they will start to legalize internet content harmful by forcing tech companies to follow laws that aim to protect internet users in the United Kingdom.

Will the Office of communication of the government which allows Ofcom, to assume the task of developing legislation that they see as harmful to users of the internet? These will include legislation: publishing content that encourages terrorism, or that sexually exploit children, and on websites dealing with this kind of content honestly, and all the ways to prevent the emergence of this type of content.

Host of these laws that allow any person to in general, so the Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and any social network you will have to explain all the transparent content prohibited from publishing in their platforms. It seems that the British government wants these companies to provide a clear statement about the rules of the publishing platform by publishing transparency report each year.

Seeking the British government, according to say it to make the internet in their country the safest in the world. It is the goal of all supposed to seek most of the governments to it, although I most at the hands of the British government, and I invite the rest of the states to follow the same approach, but I don’t see that thing enough to allow my idea, I decided to talk about heroin a little bit.

The magic medicine

At the end of the nineteenth century, the Bayer German in a medication name of “Heroin” (heroin) has a market drug that pain reliever and cough syrup, has been met with heroin at a big step due to the ability of his magical especially in the treatment of cough, because tuberculosis and pneumonia were the main causes of death at that time.

Although this magical medicine was helping in the treatment of coughing, but it no side effects most important that the patients they needed to increase the dose over time because their bodies become resistant to all small, and with the passage of time, patients turn to addicts, and with that a lot of doctors have warned of the use of this drug but that its use continued into the mid-twenties of the twentieth century.

Spice Magic

After more than a hundred years to the advent of heroin, not heroin new, is the internet and all its networks social, apps, and other services, all based on new data and algorithms, which have become the raw material from which heroin digital.

Promise of the internet by breaking all the barriers and delivering the knowledge to the screens of our phones, tablet, Our, or hear our smartphone, and social networking, they are seeking to connect us to all people, and we know all the events of the world (or so we think) and know the pulse of the community become Twitter and Facebook are the two main sources for this information instead of the news channels and official websites (regardless of the amount of manipulation that occurs in these locations).

What we do know is that all of these apps and sites are designed in a way use you andturn you into an addict my number, move from page to page, from image to video to comments, during all this development you will feel happy and joyous users dopamine your brain continuously.

Despite the escalation of a lot of voices that criticize the actions of corporate building services designed to encourage a “addictive” however, these companies do not make any efforts actually just some painkillers, such as to tell you that you are using your phone for a long time (like you don’t know this thing beforehand), which is more like the advice of a child to stay away from chocolate because it is harmful, he’ll listen to advice but won’t follow them. This is the case with these applications, with these sites, with these phones…we are addicted and we need to enter for the damage.


If we go back to the first news relating to the British government, you’ll find that this step does not address the problem but rather is an attempt to fill some of the gaps simple, but it won’t work.

Perhaps my proposal a bit strange some may think that it is kind of imposing a “dictatorship”, but the necessity of the provisions.

What I imagine is that there will be a government entity (or world) do two things: first is the development of standards to build web sites, applications, and every thing in this cosmos.

These standards must take into account that the Websites are build in “Forget Me” and not technical exploitation and design in order to make our stay as long as possible to watch the news, video, or funny pictures etc etc for watching as much of the ad-or absorption of a greater amount of our data behavior.

These recommendations must be applied by the sites that you want to be available in the country, and in case the website does not have to follow these standards and must show a warning every time we visit this site that the way to build this site harmful, and this site aims to use, and in extreme cases sites are blocked and all of these things up for fans.

The thing the second IT audit in the algorithms used by these sites, do algorithms YouTube actually useful as they cause harm to people? What about the algorithms to Twitter, Facebook and others, do you seek these algorithms to show what is really important or whether they want to stay as long as possible regardless of any harm the same may cause the algorithm to their in the long term?

All of these things need to audit and review by Independent make these services more useful and less harmful to the average user who may not be aware of his interest.

I realize that this proposal is a bit strange, but we do think that companies will offer the user’s interest on its interest and change their applications and services to make them more useful to you?! Now excuse me will I go back to become Twitter.

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