Hidden mining farm in Balashikha owes 30 million rubles. It was covered by the law enforcement

This summer the residents of the residential complex “Edelweiss Comfort” in Balashikha recorded a debt to Mosenergo in the amount of 30 million rubles. Because in a normal situation such a debt is impossible, the case attracted the attention of law enforcement. The staff at the check-out discovered on the territory of the residential complex mining farm. At the moment, the farm is sealed, the law enforcement investigating the equipment. How did you find the correspondent of the Agency “360”, equipment for mining cryptocurrency on the territory of the LCD has placed the owner and Chairman of the Association of owners (CU).

And here is a video from the event.

The partnership is a separate public in “Vkontakte”, where residents of the complex called the owner “self-selected”. Fixed in the news post, they disown the developer of the bankrupt LLC “RIMEK” and the President of TSN “. Trubeckoi” K. Zolotukhin V.

Source: 360tv

Even in the summer on the official forum of the LCD “Edelweiss Comfort” threads began to appear on the lawsuits against debtors for electricity. These are the amount of 50 to 250 thousand or more. It is noteworthy that the author of such posts on the forum is one and the same person under the name of Constantinus.

Source: 360tv

What is happening with the mining in Russia?

We will remind that recently Russia has opened the first criminal case for a hidden mining. The case occurred in the city of Kurgan, where he was hacked several government servers that were installed for mining. Another case of theft elektroenergii for mining was recorded in the Samara region. In addition, the Russian lawmakers are not too pleased with.

For example, the draft law on digital assets is missing the definition of “mining”. With him gone “Bitcoin” and “cryptocurrency”. While the updated bill has passed in the second reading. How the situation will develop is unclear. More data look at cryptodata.

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