Hidden secret behind the rise of Huawei in front of the Apple TV!

Recent years have seen the rise of a strong attendance marked the company’s technical Chinese “Huawei” on the world stage competing companies like Apple and Samsung on the forefront. It wasn’t the heat of the moment or the product of luck but if there are objective factors stepped the police to centers of the lead.

السر الخفي وراء صعود هواوي القوي أمام آبل!

Hidden secret behind the rise of Huawei in front of the Apple TV!

Password .. the interest in research work and development!

Through 2018 can Huawei to overtake Apple as the third largest smart phone manufacturer around the world, behind Samsung, and the company to become ranked first in the manufacturing and revenues in a few years according to statements by officers.

The rise of Huawei force caused mainly by the huge spending on operations research and development R&D, where the company has 21 research centres around the world and approximately half of its employees in research and development.

Huawei is interested in many technical sectors: smart phones, network communications, semiconductors, cloud services, etc. According to Bloomberg, the spending Huawei on research and development amounted to $ 15.3 million through 2018 to come to it in fourth place in the list of companies with the highest expenditure on research and development. Apple came in sixth place with a total spending amounted to $ 14.2 million.Also expected to increase the size of the spending Huawei in that area in the coming years.

كلمة السر .. الاهتمام بالبحث العملي والتطوير!

Password .. the interest in research work and development!

Huawei, Apple, investing heavily in research and development only to overtake Huawei to Apple TV in the spending gives us a compelling reason behind the rise of Huawei and powerful presence not only in the Chinese market is emerging, but at the global level.

Scientific research and development is what leads to the invention of new technologies which guarantee the success of firms in competition structure. Techniques Huawei phones like folding and improvements to the camera, and artificial intelligence are all a product of scientific research and development.

Also the development of network technologies the fifth generation self-driving cars and other infrastructure projects invests in Huawei now heavily in many of the states claim Western governments and the government of the United States, especially because of national security risks and concerns increasing about everything that is coming from China!

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