Hide notes in a smart way and in just a few seconds

While most of the smartphones today rely notes in its phones, however, there is still a broad spectrum of users believe that the notes living organization background. Hoping to choose my notes in the organs of the iPhone, the future or even operate Apple TV to minimize it. And some people trick to hide that sheet from the back of both upload rate and ready specially to this – link – or download apps make wallpapers hide notes instead of you – the association – or even make one yourself using Photoshop. But you have a better solution than that will give you all this trouble, but you can choose any wallpaper to suit you and at any time and the background in just a few seconds. This is made up through the use of test No Notch Wallpaper which works to turn any photo on your device without note!

  • Add test No Notch you will need to install the application shortcuts first:





Size136.1 MB
متاح في متجر البرامج


  • Then install the test No Notch from here.
  • Then click to get the shortcut.

Will be added to the library of shortcuts you have.

Convert the image to a background without the notepad

Now open the shortcut No Notch from the library of shortcuts and then click Run to access the Photos app on the iPhone and select the image that you want to convert to a photo without a note.

And wait a little until you get the image converted.

You will find the watermark below the image don’t worry all of that will be cured. Then click on “Done” on the photo, you’ll see a window prompting you to save the picture or not. You can click on the button a window posts to see the pictures in different places.

Make the picture the wallpaper for your phone

Surely everyone knows that, you can go to Settings – Wallpaper – Choose a new wallpaper – and then the owl the camera to choose the background that has been converted. Will open the preview, you can see how the blended edges of the circular region and the black at the top with the iPhone, and so hide the notes brilliantly. You can now set the background but make sure you choose “fixed” rather than “perspective”.

You can see the final touches to the background for the lock screen and Home screen, was making the background with high precision and collectively gorgeous.

Access in a quick manner for short.

You can test-preparation for easy access to it. the shortcut through the “Hey Siri”.

  • Open the application shortcuts and then place.
  • Then choose the No Notch and click on the three dots (…)

  • Click on the sign settings.

  • Then choose “Add to Siri” you can choose to add to the main page.

  • Now you can record a phrase or word such as “wallpaper without the note” once you say that phrase to Siri will call the shortcut directly, then click the three times to get out of the shortcut permanently.

  • Now say “Hey Siri, wallpaper without the note” in case you will be taken to the selection window backgrounds, and start making one.

Do you prefer backgrounds without note of? Did you like this shortcut? Tell us in the comments.



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