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In his dystopian “1984” George Orwell described a scary world. In it, the inhabitants spy on each other, and the police closely followed each family through the telescreens.’ To forget the events of the novel will help the VPN client HideMy.name. The program will ensure the anonymity of the computer on the Internet, protect personal data, provide access to foreign services and help save money on the services.

The principle of operation

First, deal with the principle of the application. To start the VPN connection need email and code. Before creating an account and a subscription, you can test the service for free. To do this, write the online chat and get the link to the code generation. Access will be active during the day.

HideMy.name - 1 HideMy.name - 2

Once configuration is complete, start the connection. The developers recommend to choose the closest in location to the server, but the start will work any country, from USA to Japan.

Opportunities HideMy.name VPN

The VPN client hides the IP address of the user, and also opens up access to closed for Russia, resources and services according to the type of Spotify and Beats Music. Especially important is the protection of information that is transmitted over insecure protocols. Since a VPN creates a private connection in another network, the program allows you to use the sites without https and don’t be afraid of hackers in any public place.

Where to turn to go

By changing the IP address the user will be able to assess the benefits of any local service. Examples — everyone’s favorite streaming service, Spotify, Pandora, FOX, Hulu and other pleasures of life.

HideMy.name - 3 HideMy.name - 4

This includes the Russian services, which is not available to residents of neighboring countries. VPN will be relevant for Ukrainians wishing to go on “Yandex.Cards”. Another topical example — the residents of Crimea, who are unable to pay or to register on foreign resources because of the sanctions.

In theory, we get access to any resource in all parts of the world. With VPN, the feeling of being a citizen of the world is becoming ever more noticeable.

Savings in practice

One of the most important cases a VPN is to save on services. For example, take the usual thing — rent a car abroad. For example, fly to London, where we will spend the first two days of July. To begin with we put Italian IP address. Look at the prices.

HideMy.name - 7 HideMy.name - 8

75 euros per night drive in economy class and 270 Euro for Mercedes S-class with automatic transmission. Now imagine that the path goes a US citizen. How much will he pay?

HideMy.name - 5 HideMy.name - 6

Penny. In any case, the price is much lower, especially on an expensive car. Note that the date and place of departure were the same. Differed IP address of fictional people.

This feature works in other similar areas of the tenancy, the booking of tickets and so on. Why not sort out a couple of different locations before you leave to save an extra currency? Better to spend a little on Souvenirs than policy companies.

How much is it

After the test period the program will ask you to continue the subscription. Month full Internet security will cost 379 rubles, and year in 1690 rubles. This amount will be repaid in full on booking. The bonus will be the confidence in the security of personal data, passwords, and mailing.

You can pay by any method — credit card, Webmoney, PayPal, QIWI and Yandex.Money. On the options list there are even Bitcoin. By the way, in the list of payment options I would like to see a more secure cryptocurrency. For example, zcash for which masks transaction data in the blockchain — fans of anonymity would be happy.

Apple Pay is missing.

The Advantages Of HideMy.name

HideMy.name founded in 2006. Now the company has more than 100 servers in 43 countries, which ensure the stability and reliability of work at any time of the day. The app allows you to be confident in the protection of their data, not to become a victim of hackers in public wifi networks and, most importantly, to feel free.

Name: HideMy.name VPN
Publisher/developer: Ivan Gaydamakin
Price: Free
In app purchases: There are
Compatibility: Universal app
The service site: Go
Reference: Install

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