High requests received by Twitter from governments on user data

ارتفاع الطلبات التي تتلقاها تويتر من الحكومات حول بيانات المستخدمين - twitter

She said Twitter Inc. to demand for user data from governments around the world increased significantly during the current year. According to the transparency report published by the company, the number of requests for user data increased about 10% from January to June of the current year compared with the same period of the previous year, the highest percentage received by the company during the 3 years.

She explained to Twitter that she had received 6,904 formal request from the governments to address the data towards 16,882 account on the network, the company said preventing some data about 56% of the cases.

The United States was in the forefront of states that request data from the company, Total requests reached 2,231, befell the United Kingdom and Japan ranked second.

As the police talked about the rise of approximately 80% of the requests for deletion of government on the region has for the most part, those requests from Turkey and Russia.

Revealed Twitter that there are 39 request of the government came by to inquire about the 24 a formal account on the network by other Rico own streaming video.

On the other side, the company indicated it is in the period between January and June stopped 484,300 account violates its policy on the targeting of children sexually, where that 97% of them were detected using the tools you use to auto-detect the content.

And besides, she omitted the company 205,100 account on the home violated public policy published the content of the terrorist, and the ratio of what has been revealed by the company through its tools 91%.

And speaking of fake accounts and Twitter (spamming), it has pointed out a Twitter to that the number of communications decreased from 868,349 in January and the beginning of the year to 504,259 in June, thanks to the strict policy pursued by the recently.

The altitude of the requests received by Twitter from governments around the data users appeared first on tech world.

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