Highlight the advantages of your iOS version 12.1, which will be launched today to coincide with the conference of Apple

Officially notify Apple of the day Tuesday, October 30 to version iOS 12.1, which incorporates many of the advantages expected by the users of iPhone and iPad, including feature Group Facetime, and more than 70 new emoji, which will be released to users sometime after the beginning of the conference of Apple headquarters in Brooklyn, New York, which carries the logo of marketing “there’s more in the manufacturing process”.

Group Facetime

For the first time in the conference of Apple developers (WWDC) in June, was presented this advantage in the application FaceTime, which allows video calls or voice between up to 32 users at the same time.

iOS 12.1

Using the intelligence found in Apple devices, you know, feature Group FaceTime automatically highlighted speakers on the call highlighted. Is to determine the size of the image of each person through the duration of the speech sound and movement. Will participants who were not active in the bottom of the screen so to speak. With a simple click also is brought the joint to the centre front.

The advantage would be FaceTime Group available in all areas. In addition, older devices such as iPhone 5s, iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus will not be compatible with the feature of video communication. Instead, these devices can make voice calls only.

New emoji

iOS 12.1

A Wallerbanana new emoticons that will be introduced in iOS 12.1 on the new characters with red hair and people old and curly hair and one bald. There is also a smiley face emotion symbols expressive of additional representing animals, sports and food.

Dual SIM cards

Now iPhone users can XS and iPhone XS Max and iPhone XR activate the service cell additional mobile network operator without having to use a SIM card for.

Control feature depth in the camera

Finally, iPhone users can X and later versions now adjust the depth dynamically in the preview real camera when you use to put personal pictures Portrait. Water is already on the iPhone using the camera TrueDepth personal health Portrait that has been already captured.

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