Highlights 6 new features will be released to the system watchOS 6 from Apple

Controlled company Apple TV on the smart watch market through its smart (Apple Watch) Apple Watch, with the largest percentage of market share, which is up to 51%, and this is why the eagerness of Apple on the development of the new version (watch or ABS 6) watchOS 6 – the latest version of the operating system for its smart – and support a large number of new features.

Think the new version (watch or ABS 6) watchOS 6; which announced by Apple during its annual conference for developers WWDC 2019, is the biggest change to the system clock (Apple Watch), smart, and for enactment during the next fall.

Features of the system (watch or ABS 6) a number of new features that let users Watch (Apple Watch) the management of their health and fitness better, in addition to having a new dynamic of power, and options to customize; personalization to its users, as it has become possible to access to the Store (App Store) App Store from the watch directly.

The following are Highlights 6 new features will be released to the system watchOS 6 of Apple during the Autumn Lantern:

1. support the App Store:

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أبرز 6 ميزات جديدة ستصل إلى نظام watchOS 6 من آبل

For the first time; the issuance of watchOS 6 access to the app store of Apple App Store from the Watch (Apple Watch) directly. Allowing users to install external apps by searching for apps using the voice assistant (Siri) Siri, or write by hand, it will also help you find apps designed for the watch’s screen, and easily and your wrist straight.

2. application independent:

التطبيقات المستقلة

Allow Apple TV for application developers who use the version of watchOS 6, designed apps can run on (Apple Watch) independently, without the need to design applications to fit the system (iOS) the iOS.

That means; you don’t have to connect the iPhone to your hour Apple’s smart TV to use application, which helps in making the issuance of watchOS 6 platform more versatile and independent than before, so that they can be dependable without the need for any other device.

3 – application to Noise:

أبرز 6 ميزات جديدة ستصل إلى نظام watchOS 6 من آبل

Supports version watchOS 6; application of Noise to protect your ears from loud sounds, where it converts the app (Apple Watch) to the device to control the power of images, and warn you if you are in an environment that it sounds high, it can cause you to damage hearing over time.

With the change volume levels, turn the scale DB within the app instantly, so you can monitor the sound levels in your surroundings effectively. In addition you will see the (Apple Watch) notice if the power level of the sound to 90 dB, because that is the level that can adversely affect the fish when exposure 4 hours weekly, according to the World Health Organization.

In terms of privacy; will not undermine the application of the Noise to save any sounds in the surrounding environment, or sent to Apple; but all it does is measure the strength of the ambient sounds only.

4 – recording audio notes:

تسجيل الملاحظات الصوتية

Supports version watchOS 6, recording audio notes similar to the application of Voice Memos on the iPhone, where it allows you to make voice recordings, listen to it later.

You can also listen to voice memos old, and become all the record of your past without the need of a iPhone your.

5. support audio books:

الكتب الصوتية

Finally, the Apple to bring the application (audio books) Audiobooks to an hour its smart for the first time in the version of watchOS 6. Where you can listen to any audio book buy it through the Apple Books directly on (Apple Watch), and you can also control playback, scroll through the audio book that I bought.

6. strengthening the scope of the support platform GymKit:

توسيع دعم منصة gymkit

Didn’t know Apple about this feature during the developer conference, but it is working to enhance the scope of available platform GymKit include machinery manufacturers Sports others are: Octane Fitness, the وTRUE Fitness, وWoodway. This means that in case you are in a gym equipped with new equipment of these manufacturers, you’ll be able to use the Apple Watch to your synchronize heart rate, the data of your workout across your devices, giving you a better overview of the level of your athletic performance.


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