Highlights of the 6 Android phones with storage capacity expandable

Increasing our dependence on our smart phones to the growing importance of internal storage expandable quality when deciding to buy a new phone, and fortunately there are a lot of phones and Android supports this feature, but selecting the most appropriate one is a difficult task.

If you keep your multimedia files on your phone during development, or you export a lot of videos in 4K, or looking to download some movies for the trip a long travel, the internal storage and expandable on your phone will be the priority.

There are a lot of options available, ranging from flagship phones are endless, and phones games, and even phones category available that suits the budget.

Here are the highlights of the 6 Android phones with storage expandable:

1 – Galaxy S10 Plus:

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أبرز 6 هواتف أندرويد ذات سعة تخزينية قابلة للزيادة

Because Samsung has abandoned external memory cards microSD the Galaxy Note 10, phone Galaxy S10 Plus is an ideal choice as a phone smart, a new internal storage expandable, and has specifications powerful, the advantages of many advanced, the design is great.

Featuring the phone screen of type Dynamic AMOLED display measuring 6.4 inches, strictly 3040 x 1440 pixels, the densities of 526 pixels as per inch, protected by Gorilla Glass Glass 6, and supports technology +HDR10, and built by the sensor fingerprint Ultrasonic.

In addition to the rear camera, three lenses, super-diversity, front camera dual lenses built-in screen, and large battery with a capacity of 4100 Ma/H can work up to 21 hours on a single charge, and supports Quick Charge wired and wireless capacity of 15 watts, the advantage of wireless charging, the reverse. Add to that the water resistance according to IP68.

Phone works processor Snapdragon 855 eight-core from Qualcomm, and the availability of options of RAM with a capacity of 8 to 12 GB, with three options of internal storage with a capacity of 128 and 512 GB and 1 there, and can be increased through microSD cards up to 512 GB.

So it depends phone Galaxy S10 Plus is the option that fits the needs of almost anyone, given the sheer number of features it provides, in addition to the specifications of the power, but its price starts from $ 1000.

2 – Galaxy S10E:

أبرز 6 هواتف أندرويد ذات سعة تخزينية قابلة للزيادة

The Samsung Galaxy S10E a perfect choice if you want to purchase a phone at a suitable price, specifications and advantages of the sophisticated, and includes many of the features and benefits of the phones in the S series, but at the same time cheaper in price

The phone comes with a screen of the type AMOLED screen size of 5.8 inches, and accurately 2280 × 1080 pixels, in addition to every specifications, and the water itself exist for the most part, albeit working with a smaller battery capacity of 3100 Ma/H camera dual lenses, the front camera Single Lens integrated in the screen, as it’s cheaper by hundreds of dollars from the phones S10 big, where it starts its price of $ 750.

Phone works processor Snapdragon 855, and is available with two options of RAM with a capacity of 6 and 8 GB options of internal storage 128 and 256 GB and can be increased through microSD card up to 512 GB.

3 – phone LG V50 ThinQ:

أبرز 6 هواتف أندرويد ذات سعة تخزينية قابلة للزيادة

Phone LG V50 is a great choice for content, thanks to specifications and rear camera three lenses that include wide-angle lens is very wide, telephoto, camera, front bi, and the infinite array of manual controls for video, exporting videos professional-quality during development. As it is one of the Android phones a little that contain a audio converter high-precision 32-Quad-DAC, and DTS:X three-dimensional.

The phone features a large screen type OLED size of 6.4 inches, and accurately 3120×1440 pixels, and the availability of the option of one RAM with a capacity of 6 GB, and internal storage of 128 GB with the possibility of increasing it up to 2TB using microSD card. Also supports the 5G.

4 – Phone, ASUS ZenFone 6:

Features phone ZenFone 6 design is unique, so come with a big screen size of 6.4 inches filled the valley with no outcrop, because the rear camera-engine flips automatically forward to become the top of the phone when you want to capture the image of the character.

The camera’s dual lenses; basic accurately 48 megapixels, with a lens aperture of f/1.8, and the second: Strictly 13-megapixel camera to the petition, at an angle of 125 degrees. The phone processor (Snapdragon 855) eight-core from Qualcomm, with the option of one of the RAM capacity of 6 GB, and internal storage of 128 GB can be increased up to 2 TB via external memory cards.

The phone runs the latest version of the operating system (Android 10) Android 10, offers fast performance thanks to the Snapdragon processor 855 of Qualcomm, and large battery capacity of 5000 Ma/hour for the second day of usage – and all that at half the price of phones leading the competition almost where available at a price of $ 550 only.

5 – phone Moto Z4:

Falls phone Moto Z4 under the category of phones available to the appropriate budget, and comes with a screen type OLED large size of 6.4 inches and a camera background accurately 48 megapixel, front accurately 25 MP, in addition to a camera attached to the three-dimensional.

The phone is only one option for the RAM capacity of 4 GB, the storage capacity of internal 128 GB with the possibility of increasing up to 1 TB of capacity by using microSD card external.

But the most important characteristic of this phone is that cheaper phones are compatible with 5G networks, where allow the add Moto Mod the phone to connect to a network Ultra Broadband 5G, and all that at a price of $ 500 only.

6 – Nokia for 7.2:

Highlights Nokia phone 7.2 the efforts of the company HMD Global in the recent development of phones, where the phone between elegant design classic for Nokia, specifications of internal power, the most important what sets it apart is the right price.

The phone comes with a screen 6.3 inches, strictly 2280 x 1080 pixels, with HDR, feature always-on, In addition to the rear camera triple lens; main Strictly 48 megapixels, with the technology of ZEISS optics and front camera accurately 20 megapixel.

Phone works processor Snapdragon 660, and the availability of a choice of random access memory (RAM) with a capacity of 4 and 6 GB, and two options of internal storage memory with a capacity of 64 and 128 GB, and can be expanded through external memory card slot microSD up to 512 GB. So at a starting price of 349 USD.

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