Highlights of the 6 laptops fit college students through 2019

If choosing a laptop best suited for work or study, or even practice games are not easy at all, as if trying to find the balance between the strength of the specifications, and the right price can require search long among the many models of laptops available in the market.

With the advent of the new academic year in the Arab countries with respect to students undergraduate baffled while selecting the most appropriate laptop for study, usually located some in a big mistake; it is buy the computer less the price without checking the specs to see if it was suitable or not.

The following are the highlights of the 6 laptops fit college students through 2019:

1 – Lenovo Ideapad 330:

أبرز 6 حواسيب محمولة تناسب طلاب الجامعات خلال عام 2019

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Company offers Lenovo usually laptops that combine good performance, and the price is appropriate, and considers the edges smooth, my IdeaPad 330 وIdeaPad 330S are very interesting thanks to the specifications, relatively strong, good design, and price, but if your budget extends to what is beyond that, you can search in computers series IdeaPad 530S high-end launched by Lenovo at the same time.

Includes series IdeaPad 330; many options starting from the Intel Core i3 and even an Intel Core i7 processor, there are models with processor graphics integrated and processor and graphics separate from AMD or Nvidia, the screen start from 14 inches to 17 inches.

Priced at less than $ 700; you can get a computer IdeaPad 330 is a high-resolution screen size of 17.3 inches, works with a processor Intel Core i7-8550U, in addition to the processor graphics port Nvidia GeForce MX150, and random access with a capacity of 16 GB, the tablet internal storage HDD capacity of 1 TB.

2 – computer Microsoft Surface Pro 6:

أبرز 6 حواسيب محمولة تناسب طلاب الجامعات خلال عام 2019

Features computer Microsoft (Surface MacBook Pro) Surface Pro 6 actually, light, and perfect design, powerful performance, long battery life, it also belongs to the category computers, 2-in-1 that works like the intersect laptop and a tablet after detaching the keyboard from the screen that comes equipped with a headrest, so it has that light weight and portable.

Priced at less than $ 750; you can get the Surface Pro 6 that works with a processor Intel Core i5 8250U, with the graphics card from Intel also UHD Graphics 620, the memory random access capacity of 8 GB, the tablet storage type SSD with a capacity of 128 GB.

3. the computer (MacBook Air (2018:

ماك بوك آير

Devices may be MacBook with Apple TV same prices a bit high compared to some other suggestions in this list, but if you’re a fan of Apple devices or want to get the computer combines the design of the Apple representative, specifications and powerful, this device is an ideal choice.

Looks like a version of the MacBook Air to 2018 new version launched by Apple for the first time in a month last July – except that it does not contain technology (True Tone) that has been added to the company – and at a price less than $ 850; you can get Apple computer (MacBook Air (2018, which works with a processor Intel Core i5, memory Random Access with a capacity of 8 GB and the tablet internal storage type SSD with a capacity of 128 GB is faster than in the latest model.

The device supports sensor to read the fingerprint TouchID, and Apple TV T2 to enhance the safety, and enjoy battery life up to 12 hours.

4 – Acer Aspire E15-57G6:

Features computer Acer Acer Aspire E15-57G6 price is low, also enjoys a high specifications such as: processor third-generation Intel Core i5-8250U, card graphics from Nvidia GeForce MX150 helps to save the power consumption so the battery life to 12 hours approx.

The device works operating system Windows 10, with memory Random Access 8 GB, and the tablet internal storage SSD space 256 GB, it is available at a price of 599.99 USD only.

5. the computer Razer Blade Stealth:

أبرز 6 حواسيب محمولة تناسب طلاب الجامعات خلال عام 2019

Depends computer Razer Blade Stealth an ideal choice for those who want a computer that can be used in work, study, and play, this device features that works card powerful graphics company Nvidia MX150 capacity of 25 watts, with a quad-core processor from the Intel Core i7-8565U with a frequency of 1.8 GHz with the possibility of raising the frequency to 4.6 GHz through Turbo Boost, in addition to random access memory up to 16 GB of disc storage capacity of 512 GB.

6. the computer Acer Chromebook Spin 13:

The computer Acer Chrome book Chromebook Spin 13 under the category computers 2 x 1 where the working computer laptop and tablet device and comes with a stylish design made of aluminum is fully touch screen and the rotation angle 360 degrees, with a backlit keyboard, running Chrome OS appropriate for students.

The device works with a processor third generation of Intel Core i5-8250U, with Random Access Memory with a capacity of 8 giga bytes of type LPDDR3, memory internal storage eMMC 128GB capacity, and is available at a price of 726 USD only.

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