Hint: a way to access the library of America plucking Deluxe without VPN

It is known that service to watch movies and TV shows Netflix offers different content depending on the state you live in. If you’re in Saudi Arabia or another country in the Middle East, you will see the contents of you think that the company they suitable for You cases of Arab in addition to foreign films and serials, differently large for the content available to users in the United States of America.

And to be honest with you, your content plucking Deluxe users in the United States of America better than what is available to us in the Middle East. And hypothetically, the company does not allow users to access content American or any other country I’m not resident there for reasons related to licensing and property rights, but there are some solutions.

One of the solutions is using a VPN offers servers in the United States of America and laboratory access to the content of American sex, but if you don’t want to spend more money next subscription to Netflix, there is another solution free.

Way to access the library of America plucking Deluxe without VPN

You can access the library of America service Netflix by modifying the DNS address in the device that you use, so that you can get the DNS address easily quick research in search engine Google, and include it in the space provided with a device, and in the lines next I will give an explanation to modify the DNS address of the iPhone:

  • Moved to Settings.
  • He moved to Wi-Fi.
  • Click on the exclamation mark next to the network related
  • Scroll to the bottom, you’ll find the tab Configure DNS – Configure DNS.

  • Select automatic – Automatic.
  • Remove the numbers of the DNS, and then click on Add Server – Add Server.

  • Now search in Google for a US DNS and add the addresses in the space provided.
  • You may encounter addresses that don’t work, you can try other titles as: / which is currently working.

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