Hint: a way to activate the gestures development Android Q

Brought a second beta version of the Android system Q many new features, the most important feature of gestures that resemble the gestures of the iPhone.

Once it is activated, the buttons disappear traditional development as a button undone. Alternatively, move between applications, you will need to pass the screen to the left or to the right with ease.

If you want to experiment with these gestures, you will first need to install the latest version of the beta version for the Android system Q on your device, and the latest release is available for all phones Pixel in addition to 15 other phone including phones Huawei, Asus, OnePlus and Nokia in addition to the Oppo and LG and Vivo and signal.

Way to activate the gestures development Android Q

– Moved to Settings > System.
– Moved to the tab gestures – Gestures then the System navigation.
– You can now switch to the ‘Fest gestural navigation’ to replace the navigation buttons gestures.

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