Hint: a way to cancel renewal subscriptions apps iPhone, Mac and Android

If you have subscribed to one of the service applications App Store you can cancel the Renew of the iPhone, iPad or Mac, and if you choose automatic renewal when you sign up to one of the services Google Play you can also cancel the services listed below.

It should first be noted that the abolition of the automatic renewal, does not prevent you from listening to the rest of the subscription period remaining for you, how to service the store request to cancel the subscription before the renewal date by about 24 hours it sometimes renews the subscription automatically even if you cancel before the hours numbered.

IPhone, iPad

You apply the App Store, click on the icon for the profile and then choose manage subscriptions.

Will appear then a list of subscriptions that you can access on any of them and selecting cancel.

Another way

Go to Settings then App Store & iTunes.

And click for at the expense of the Apple TV, then view Apple ID.

After that requires entering a password or enter your fingerprint or face.

Then, choose contributions.

Where Will a list of requirements which you can enter on one of them and its abolition.

Mac devices

Click the TAB account to iTunes, and select View My Account.

Enter the password when requested and log on.

Now, drag down to the Settings section, and click on Manage button in front of the subscriptions.

Look for the service that you want to cancel the subscription and click on Edit button in front of her.

Now you’ll find an Unsubscribe option on the next page.

When you subscribe to the service you have the option to not auto-renew subscription if it is periodic, choose automatic renewal, you can cancel it by following the below steps. This, knowing that deleting the app does not cancel the subscription services.

Head to the Play Store and click on the menu in the top left or right.

Then select “My Subscriptions”

Then click on the Manage button at the bottom of any of the services.

Then select Unsubscribe.

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