Hint: a way to schedule messages in Gmail

Provided company Google officially feature to schedule messages the e-mail service Gmail, so that users can schedule messages to send at a later time, whether the next day, after a week or so after year.

Previously, you had to use third party services to take advantage of the scheduling feature, but it is now officially available in the service itself it easy to use.

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Way to schedule messages in Gmail

– Create a new message.
– After the completion of the book, directed to the Send button the Send, but don’t press it.
– Next to the Send button you will find a small arrow, click it.
– Click on the words to determine the time of sending the message.
– Now you can choose the time of the transmission with the possibility of choosing the date and hour.
– Will be scheduling immediately, with the ability to rewind immediate, or retreat of the tab scheduled messages in the side menu.

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