Hint: How do you discover the reason for the suspension and browser Google Chrome

The treatment tabs, hang the browser as a whole are some of the problems facing users of the browser Google Chrome that distributes the task to avoid the total collapse of the browser, which leads to more consumption of RAM. It is known that it is possible to deal with the tabs when the From through the Department of computer tasks in general, where you can find all of the tasks and operations including the operations of the browser, but what you don’t know, that the browser itself has the performance of management tasks.

  • Click on the Options button ( the three dots in the left side or the right depending on the browser language )
  • Click on the tab more tools – More Tools.
  • Select the tab Task Manager – Task Manager, or from the keyboard shortcut Shift+Ese.
  • A new window will open including all open tabs with details about the resource consumption.
  • Check on the tab cause of the problem, the pressure to end processing – End process.

Task Manager window will give you more details about the tabs and their consumption of the resources of the device, including the consumption of processor and memory consumption random, allowing you to inform wider in the case of the use of certain resources of your device to the digital currency.

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