Hint: how do you do a night mode in the app (like Instagram where they will be) on any Android phone

Perhaps all of us, we noticed that a large number of applications have got a feature Night mode (Dark Mode) built-in! This means that the app will actually night in the event that the device itself works, actually night, while you can’t activate it or deactivate it yourself, an example of these applications we find Instagram where they play store, the Google image.. and more.

Night Mode user friendly much more than the normal mode for applications, in particular it is convenient to work and at the same time provides battery power significantly, but this feature is not available only to those who possess Android 10 on their phones or those who have their phones on Night Mode through the interface of the phone itself such as MIUI and OneUI in phones Shawty, Samsung on the standings! But don’t worry, you can activate this mode on any phone running Android.. whatever released or quality.

How to do Night Mode in Instagram where they and play on any phone?

Way really simple! All you have to do is download the application to Dark Mode from Play Store and then installed, once you open it you will find that the application contains only 3 options, the first option is not activating the night mode activating the day mode instead of it, the second option is to activate the night mode while the second option works on the movement of the phone between the night and day based on timing.

Once you do Night mode of the application you’ll see that he and Magic had done the night mode on all apps that support Night Mode built-in! This is because this app works on activating the night mode within the system itself, whether the phenomenon in front of you in the settings or not.

Personally I tried this app on the Galaxy S6 Edge+ which is an old phone running Android 7 have succeeded the way! Now it’s your turn to share in the comments about what you think your impressions!

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