Hint: How do you know what data it has collected about you Facebook

Recently, the scandal of the Cambridge analytica revealed the ability of developers to obtain user data from the Facebook social.

The most important thing, Cambridge analytica paid vast sums to get the data, what means that our personal data has real value. While we may be inclined to think that data can be used as just a way for the advertiser, only that the scandal prove otherwise.

By targeting the right people with the right information, we can use our personal data on Facebook to influence the elections of the state.

You may wonder, what’s in the data file of my profile on Facebook? Well, there’s a way to get this file easily from the settings.

How do you know what data is collected by network Facebook

– Moved to Settings page main.
– In the bottom of the page you’ll find the phrase “carry a copy of your profile – Download a copy of your Facebook data”.
– Click on the phrase and you will be prompted to enter the password.

– Will open a new page with a button to download, click on it.
– Will be download file ZIP ZIP.

The data which you’ll find in the file include your basic info, and your posts, your photos, videos, information about the calls that you make through the service Facebook Messenger and more.

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