Hint: the 5 best ways to preserve battery life hours Apple Watch 5

Although charging the Apple Watch charging is complete is all to make it work for 18 consecutive hours except that sometimes don’t hold up previous to each of these cities, especially if you use it continuously and deliver notifications and alerts numerical of course of the most irritating things that may pass by in your day is to notice that your watch is going to be excreted from the energy.

In this hint we will share with you the five most important steps you can follow to save energy in the H, Apple Watch 5 of your own, which may also apply to hours of Apple’s older:

1. Use duty hours dark

As you know, the day Apple come with panel type OLED, which means that the pixels black be a matte finish, which in turn will help in an energy saving, so we recommend you use a watch face with the colors of black and selection Black a fully would be an excellent choice also.

To change the interface-or background – previous, You should expect to develop Watch on your iPhone and then went to the Face Gallery here you can choose the appropriate interface for you.

2 – adjust the brightness of your hourly

As is the case on your phone iPhone or any other device, the brightness of the screen associated with the IS helps strongly to run out of energy quickly and this truth apply to your smart watch too.

You can adjust the brightness for the hour straight through to the settings through the arena and then went for the menu Brightness & Text Size within the settings of My Watch and here you can use the slides to control the brightness of course the less it whenever it was best.

3. cut down on notifications that reach you

The more light previous to you a notification whenever the impact of this on the age of your battery, particularly if these notifications do not charge your basis, here you have better control over notifications that arrive to the coast.

To do that open the application to Watch on your iPhone and then head to the option for Notification is located under the list of My Watch, and from there you can move the apps that can send notifications to you, and here you have to stop those that don’t care about research so much.

4. the clear advantage of lifting the wrist

Feature Wrist Rase is an essential feature in the Apple Watch, where they work on the lighting screen and display its contents as soon as you raise your wrist and meet previous to your face that water is touching a key on the battery life.

If you don’t need this feature very much wishes to deactivate, you have to expect the settings both through the clock app on the iPhone or through the same arena will be the option in the list of the General.

5 – Do Power Save mode

This situation simply will prevent the former from receiving any notifications and also will stop you doing the most possible of the other in the past, however, this situation will of course make the former kind of not helpful at all! So you can rely on this method only in the case that the clock is about to lose all her energy, and still today long this is where that this feature will allow you to definitely find out the date and time, which are important to the main square?

To activate this mode swipe up in home screen for your and then press the button that displays the charge level of the battery, now turn the situation from there.

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