Hint: the best way to connect Huawei phones to computers,

Rely on a wired connection is more stable and faster when it comes to transfer files between your phone and computer, but what is the best way to connect the phone or tablet from Huawei the right accountant?

To connect Huawei phone to the computer via USB cable, is, first head to Settings “About phone”, and several times on “version number” to activate the “developer options”, then head to developer options and activate the option “USB debugging” or “USB Debugging”.. then, when you connect the phone to the computer upgrade you to choose “File Transfer” from the popup menu.

However, this option is targeted at developers, not ordinary user, therefore, Huawei provides a special application to connect phones and tablet computers, without the need to activate the option “USB debugging”.

Application name HiSuite and download a copy of it on the case and a copy of the phone, which offers the advantage of sharing files between the two devices, but you can browse through phone files, exchange of contacts and messages, among which also can uninstall the applications on the phone, and broadcast what displays on the phone to the case, and even take a picture of the phone screen, as well as backup and restore, and even restore a previous version of the operating system if you are experiencing problems in the current version.

App Install HiSuite on the case and the phone

The installation on the case is very simple, all you have to do is head to the official website, and download the file to install the application to formulate an executive “.exe”, then click twice on this file after the download finishes to start the installation process which will take only a few seconds.

After completion of install the app on the bus, connect a Huawei phone to the computer via USB cable, then went to phone settings and look for “HDB”, for the option “Allow HiSuite to use HDB” button in the privacy and security settings, which must be activated to take advantage of the app.

After activating the option, we will begin the download and install the app on your phone (a process requests a download connection to the internet) if the application is not present already, if the app is available will be given the option activate put the HDB with the case, where it is recommended to sure the option “always allow” pre-approved, as in the picture.

Use the application HiSuite

The use of a simple app, where in the front you will see the windows for each of the images, videos, messages and contacts. At the bottom there are buttons for system update, backup and restore, or to restore an earlier version of the system.

Either click on the button “My Device” top of the app, it should you to lists of side buttons and bottom, of which you can perform the process of importing “Import” to transfer files from one situation to the Huawei device, or vice versa via the button “Export”.

And on the phone you’ll find buttons allow mirroring the screen of your iPhone is fully on the case, or just take a picture of the company and share them with the situation.

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