Hint: the method of closure of files, photos, fingerprint Android phones

Offers the reader insight in the majority of modern phones means security easy to open and lock the phone, as with some of the settings can be set as a lock for the comments also, which is what we’ll drink his way out here on the phones, OnePlus, Huawei and Samsung up share Vivo:

Huawei phones

To activate the feature to lock apps fingerprint, go to Settings > Security and Privacy > fingerprint , and then did my choice to access safe and lock apps.

Determine which applications you can lock it, head to Settings > Privacy and Security > Lock application, and then choose any application.

Protect any files, like photos and videos, go to the Files app and click on the file and hold, then choose more and then transferred to the secure file, to find the Department secure file located in the application files of all the files that you protected her.

Phones OnePlus

To the water, head to Settings > services > lock apps and then set a passcode as a backup and click on add applications to protect your fingerprint, as you can activate the option of blocking notifications from the app designated.

It is within a file manager app section named a Lockbox dedicated to the protection of the file fingerprint and the symbol of the passage, and you can add files to the list more (Three dots) then choose the option to transfer to the Lockbox.

Phones Oppo

Head to Settings > Fingerprint, face and password> the privacy icon and set the privacy icon and add a security question, perhaps you’d like to add e-mail as well.

Now you can access local files and applications from Settings > Security > Lock application ( or applications of secure/private). Including you can add what you want to protect it from the applications. The files you may find the option of protecting it with a list file, such as images, the same under the name of the Private Safe.


Samsung has applied the Secure Folder, corresponding to their own devices with Android System 7 or newer, and the orientation of the app from Settings > Lock screen and security > Secure Folder, and then create a Samsung account requirements to use it.

After logging in, set the lock type that you want to use of the fingerprint reader and the iris of the eye so you can open the app through it, but you can with the option of fingerprint+ to download the app with the fingerprint.

After you set a way to protect the Secure Folder you can add any application or file on the tape top to protect them.

“You know, the details on the application of the Secure Folder

Phones Shawty

Phones Shawty got her to apply the Protection (Security), which is the icon of the app lock, people the idea to set a passcode then fingerprint, and then choose the application that you want to protect.

With updated MIUI 10, the option exists to hide the file list Side develop a file manager, which for you have a idea for a way to protect them fingerprint.

There are three ways to protect files fingerprint: tap and hold on the file in File Manager and select Hide, or head to the section of Hidden Files Application File Manager and open the more menu (three dots) then click Add Files, the second method for images and videos, where you can click on any image or video at length the application of knowledge and choose Hide.

Phones Vivo

Made Vivo this feature recently in conjunction with the first phones fingerprint reader and built-in phone, and can be accessed from Settings > Security and privacy > privacy and encryption apps or Settings > Fingerprint, face and password > privacy and encryption applications.

To access the settings for the feature upgrade you to set a password and then select local applications, and when you open any of the protected apps will require the app first password that you set (or that you use to lock the device), raise you to enter your fingerprint.

If you want even pictures and videos you’ll find the option safe distance “File safebox” within the file manager or within the privacy and security settings, where you will be prompted to enter the password that you set and set the fingerprint of the finger, where to hide the files: guide to the file manager and then theyclick and hold on the file and select more and then transfer to the file safe.

Third-party applications

Called LOCKit protection of any application and any file via fingerprint or passcode or pattern, also called AppLock protection functions of the device such as Bluetooth and Wi-Fi addition of files and applications.

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