Hint: the way of blocking websites and searches of the iPhone

Sometimes you may need to block websites, especially in the phone of your child, small or device the lack of access to certain content on the internet, and fortunately that smart phones and tablet devices, especially the iPhone and iPad that allows blocking websites in addition to search operations.

Way to blocked websites iPhone

  • He moved to the settings.
  • He moved to the tab’s Screen Time – Screen Time.
  • He moved to the tab content & restrictions Privacy – Content & Privacy Restrictions.
  • Activate the property.
  • Click on the tab content restrictions – Content Restrictions.
  • Click on the tab web content – Web Content

You can now choose how you want to restrict access to web content, so you can select the first option which gives you unlimited access to the sites, while the second option lets you specify the Allow sites for adults only, so that the sorting system sites according to age group, while the second option lets you allow browsing of certain sites only.

The method searches iPhone

If you want to block search using the search engines of the iPhone, you can do so from the same property, so that the filters will make any search process or can allow the country to use the language of Easter is clear, without any phrases outside of or inciting to violence.

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