Hint: the way to install the iOS version 13 demo on your phone

Apple released the first public beta version of the system iOS 13 after only 3 weeks of issuing a BETA version to developers. Said Apple at the outset that the public beta will be available in the month of July, but by faster, and read on for instructions on how to install iOS version 13 demo on your phone.

In the current situation, it is difficult to recommend a BETA version, where the women still carry a lot of errors and performance problems, and will also face non-availability of the system with third-party applications because the developers didn’t update their apps.

However, if you want to experience the new features quickly, the trial version is the only choice you have., Here’s a way to install them on your phone.

How to install iOS version 13 demo on your phone

First, you need to make sure that the iPhone your able to run the new system iOS 1, here are the list of supported phones:

  • The iPhone XS
  • The iPhone XS Max
  • IPhone XR
  • IPhone X
  • IPhone 8
  • IPhone 8 Plus
  • IPhone 7
  • The iPhone 7 Plus
  • IPhone 6s
  • IPhone 6s Plus
  • IPhone SE
  • IPod touch (previous generation)

Unfortunately, if your device isn’t listed in that list, you won’t be able to run iOS 13.

If your device is supported by iOS New 13, here’s a way to install the public beta:

  • He moved on to the official website for the trial version through the Safari browser on the iPhone, Of Here.
  • If you are a member of the pilot program, and on “login”. If not, you need to register a membership with an iCloud account.
  • Create a backup for your phone, here’s a way to do it.
  • Scroll to the bottom, to get to the section of the Install Profile, and select “Download Profile – Download Profile”.
  • Once you allow downloading, go to Settings, you will see a message saying that you have a profile ready for installation, and install the profile as shown above.
  • Now will restart the iPhone to complete the installation of the profile.
  • Once you reboot, go to Settings > General > System update, you should now see the existence of the iOS update 13 ready for installation.

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