Hint: the way to solve the problem of running out of charge the battery fast in Android

Have you noticed these days for your Android phone suffers from the problem of running out of battery very quickly compared to the old times, huh? Well, you are now suffering from a Bug in the Android system on your phone.

According to the Android Hacks and also the site of ZDNet there is a problem in the application of Google Play Services in released 18.3.82 this problem will cause a huge consumption battery power in the background.

Fortunately there is a solution to this problem, which can be implemented in two ways, based on the fact that the problem is all related to the issuance of the application 18.3.82 which has the problem you can get rid of them by moving away from this version as follows:

  • The first solution is to install an older version of the current version or install a previous version don’t match, you can downloaded from here from the website APKMirror and then you have to install it normally.
  • The next solution is to subscribe in version الـbeta of the app is the beta version through the app page on the App Store, or you can also download it manually as in the previous method.

On the other hand you don’t have to worry about where Google would probably get this problem in the next few days.

Source: ZDNet

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