“Hiuni”.. telescope intelligent fans control space

At the time I didn’t leave the technology in the field only and, the time came to become a telescope smart, are controlled through the application of smart phones and mobile devices, and see for yourself what is monitored by the telescope clear on the screen without having to strain your eyes for the lens, also easy for you to Of course record and share what monitoring his telescope with ease.

The telescope “Hai me” Hiuni smartphone is also equipped with sensors enabling it to track celestial bodies, stars, comets, monitor its movement, and the user selection of such objects via a smartphone app utilities of the telescope.

The application of the “Hey me” smart is not the only application for it and run it, but its educational application, providing useful information and complete all the heavenly bodies, planets and stars, also contains the schedule with the timing of astronomical events.

Wah the inventors of the telescope “Hai me” that has a lens good, and to be a way to charge his batteries is easy and the quality of his cards is high, and to have a size suitable to facilitate development and, if somebody wanted to camping in the outdoors and observe the sky.

Successfully campaign financing telescope “Hai-me” smartphone in the collection of the targeted amount, on the site of crowdfunding Kickstarter, and is scheduled to reach the telescope to his supporters by June 2019, the price 539 $ (9,500 pounds).

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