HMD begin to push the update Android 10 users Nokia phone 7.1

The company revealed a HMD in the month of August last schedule payment update Android 10 the identity of its smart, where to start in the coming days to update the Nokia 7.1.

The company stressed that the HMD recently that phone Nokia 9 PureView joins the Nokia 8.1 to receive update Android 10, as indicated by the company to its plans to push the update landed for more versions of the company soon.

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Declared Pranav Shroff during the launch of the Nokia phone 2.3, that the company is on its way to launch the update Android 10 users Nokia phone 7.1 during the next week.

On the other hand, can the company later to push the update Android 10 users of Nokia phones to 6.1, and the Nokia 6.1 Plus, also Phone 7 Plus, where up the update for these versions at the beginning of the next year during the month of January, as pay update during the month of January also for each of the phones Nokia 6.2 Nokia 7.2.


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