HMD brings Android 8.1 “oreo” to my phone Nokia 5, Nokia 6

This comes from a company HMD only two months after the Android version 8.0 for each of the two phones.

It is known that one of the key reasons for the exit of Nokia from the smartphone market years ago, returns to the delay in adoption of the Android system-sufficiency of their ancient or rely on Windows to the iPhone, which is the other was the fate of his “yard” later, then returned to the company through the HMD he was the mainstay of their success is to rely entirely on the Android system.

But it seems that the HMD, which currently owns the rights the relationship of the Nokia brand in the smartphone market, not only provide Android phones with specifications very good and reasonable prices, it has become famous in short period of time as the fastest company in providing periodic updates to the Android system.

With the news that all future devices of the HMD will work with versions pure Android system in the framework of the initiative of my Android Go and Android One, the Finnish company had committed itself strongly to continue this good work. And now we hear that the company started the launch of the Android version 8.1 oreo to phone Nokia 5 the issuance of the 2017 phone Nokia 6.

This comes just two months after the Android version 8.0 for each of the two phones, this time there wasn’t a public beta as it was before version 8.1 for Nokia 8.

According to a number of users on the website Reddit, the update to Android 8.1 which carries the version number v5.580 comes to her.7 MB Wichita for Nokia 5 size 875.1 MB Wichita for Nokia 6.

The record of the changes coming to phones with update features such as new Navigation buttons to save battery power list of new energy show the amount of remaining energy Bluetooth devices connected. The update also includes a security update for the month of March of Google Inc.


Do you have one of the phones and wait for the new update? We shared your experience in the comments.


Source: HMD bring Android 8.1 “oreo” to my phone Nokia 5, Nokia 6

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