HMD Global get an exception to the glories of the Nokia phones



Got company HMD Global funding and the investment of $ 100 million intended for use in the payment of the smart phone sector faster, stronger around the world live brand Nokia to the source of the athlete renowned as long as we used it.

To change the Nokia that we know previously is no longer manufactured smart phones, it has become the company’s HMD is a Global Finnish manufacturing phones with the Nokia brand in collaboration with other manufacturers such as Foxconn and FIH Mobile.

And own HMD Global license period of ten years in order to use the Nokia brand on its products, during the first year of use issued for the markets of six smartphones and five phones traditionally had a wide resonance in terms of diverse segments of beneficiaries and interest in design and manufacturing quality, as its shipments reached 70 million phone.

With funding of $ 100 million to raise the value of the HMD Global to million, the company is able to pay more aggressively for Nokia phones in the markets, it is logical to expect the issuance of a lot of phones to meet different interests and with different levels of technical specifications and prices.

She had reached the financial proceeds to buy a HMD Global about 2.13 million, but net work was a loss of about $ 77 million, but these numbers are not bad given that sales of Nokia miss on many other brands such as Sony parking and oneplus and Lenovo Assos in the last quarter of the financial year.


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