HMD Global Mobility Data of the users of Nokia to Finland

The company announced the HMD Global they would consider their data centers to her native Finland in an attempt to improve security, increase transparency, and in light of growing concerns on security and Privacy, where the manufacturers of the phones to pressure for maintaining the security of users ‘ data.

She explained HMD Global it works with Google Cloud (Google Cloud); and consulting with expertise in the science cloud data (CGI); to bring all the processes of data collection for Nokia to her native Finland.

These data are subject to the laws of data privacy in the European Union, including regulation General Data Protection (GDPR).

The move to improve data security, in addition to users get faster updates and more accurate.

It is supposed to store all the activation data and performance in the center of the city of Hamina (Hamina are), Finland, supported by the Google Cloud.

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And you’ll be important we cooling the servers with sea water from the Gulf of Finland, and was the first of its kind, making it one of the data centers the most advanced and sustainable.

According to the HMD Global, the process begins with phones Nokia 4.2; and 3.2 Nokia; and 2.2 Nokia.

As will be ancient devices eligible to upgrade to Android Q data to the new center after receiving the update to Android Q – which begins its launch later this year, to end the data transfer process by the year 2020.

It is expected that this step permits to buy a HMD Global Analysis of the best ways to use phones and how satisfied users, which helps them to improve by making its phones, and how to provide better experiences to its users.

Recall that a report issued a few months ago talked about that Nokia Phone 7 Plus it was sending user data to China, prompting the HMD Global to issue a formal statement to clarify that it does not share user data with other parties, and that the data sent to the China is data device activation.

The company said: shouldn’t happen, because Nokia devices sold outside of China send data to activate the device to servers in a different location (Singapore), but there was an error in the set of devices (Nokia 7 Plus) which led to the arrival of user data to servers in China.


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