HMD Global Oy trademark registration PureDisplay will we see the return of +PureMotion HD?

Nokia 8 Sirocco

Got company HMD Global Oy lately on the famous brand PureView from Microsoft, but it seems that the Finnish company won’t stop here because it was monitored the day you apply for a trademark PureDisplay and Face Unlock.

In what company will HMD Global Oy using its brand PureDisplay it? Well, it is still not clear at the present time, but asked to get a brand refers to the possibility to use this brand in the screens of smartphones, tablets and Computers, this means that this brand covers all products.

If you are one of the lovers of Nokia, you probably will remember the screen has ClearBlack. Those screens were used for a polarized film ( Polarizer ) which lowers the glare which leads to improve the clarity of the screen under the rays of the sun significantly. Better yet, this can be a brand linked to technology +PureMotion HD which came after ClearBlack knowing she was dependent on polarized the same, but they are working on improving the touch sensitivity and adjust colors automatically. Includes the ” Motion ” of the name to the rate of the width of the frame excess to the company, which matches the speed of a user interface to 60 frames per second. Keep in mind that this was five years ago.

As for the brand’s ” Face Unlock“, we do not believe that they need to explain, they are what you call company HMD Global Oy on the face recognition technology found in some of the Nokia phones.



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