HMD is preparing to launch released Your of phones Nokia 5G at a price of $ 500

Company plans to HMD to launch a Nokia phone 5G during the next year level, the pricing of almost $ 500, where the company confirmed that the next version of the phones 5G comes with half the price offered by the versions of the 5G this year.

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Confirmed Juho Sarvikas of company HMD on the company’s plans to launch a new version of phones Nokia 5G next year, which comes to the level of pricing is less than versions competition in the market, and projections indicate that this version will come after the Nokia 9.1 PureView which is referred to it will be the first version of the 5G of the company.

It is planned that features a Nokia phone 5G at a price of almost $ 500, which is half the price of the available versions of this general often, where the versions 5G of smart phones at a price of $ 1000 or more, as projections indicate that the HMD would like to compete in the market of the phones and 5G to be available pricing good for everyone.

Recall that the phones 5G often need to more powerful processor and a battery with a large capacity, coupled with the memory and a storage capacity is good, which is what leads to the high level of this category of phones often, so the price will be $ 500, a bargain for Nokia 5G next year.


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