HMD know about phones Nokia 1 Plus Nokia 3.2 Nokia 4.2 and also Nokia 210 in #MWC2019

The company announced the HMD for the set of versions low of smart phones in Nokia 1 Plus Nokia 3.2 Nokia 4.2 and also Nokia 210 during the Barcelona Conference of the global phone.

HMD-MWC 2019

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Features Nokia phone 4.2 design glass double plastic frame, with TFT screen size 5.71 inch, the distinctive quality of the display is 720 pixels, with a bump waterdrop in the top of the screen.

Also includes the phone’s processor chip Snapdragon 439 featured eight of the core A53 with Realtek screen Adreno 505, also comes Nokia phone 4.2 memory random 2 or 3 GB RAM, with a storage capacity of 16 or 32 GB and also supports external storage.

Camera key in the phone feature settings dual sensor with 13 megapixels and عدساتf/2.2, the sensor is a 2 mega pixel camera for depth perception, also supports the camera feature scene selection and auto focus, along with LED flash, also houses the phone’s sensor fingerprint in the background.

It also features the promontory of the upper in the screen camera accurately 8 mega pixel camera, which supports face recognition technology with the technology of artificial intelligence, as the phone comes right-custom Assistant, Google virtual, also will be available Nokia 4.2 color black and Pink at a starting price of $ 199, available in sales outlets in the month of April.

Nokia 3.2 comes with a TFT screen size of 6.26 inches, the distinctive quality of the display 720 in 1520 pixels, it also comes built women waterdrop in the screen.

This release supports the chip Snapdragon processor 429, with Realtek screen Adreno 504, and memory random 2 or 3 GB RAM, and a storage capacity of 16 or 32 GB, it also comes form the top of the phone’s sensor fingerprint in the background.

Comes phone Nokia 3.2 camera one characteristic sensor 13 mega pixel camera, with auto focus, with LED flash, it also comes camera front sensor with a resolution of 5 mega pixel camera to support facial recognition technology.

The phone features a battery capacity of 4000 mAh, and running Android Pie, is scheduled to be available in black and metallic in the month of April, on the to apply the Nokia 3.2 starting price of $ 139.

Phone Nokia 1 Plus is also one of the versions of the new program supports Android Go and is one of the specifications that come out the other versions too, it also has IPS LCD screen size of 5.45 inches, with a battery capacity of 2500 mAh, it also features screen resolution of 480 by 960 pixels with dimensions of 18:9.

The phone also comes with a microchip MT6739 with four cores Cortex-A53, with Realtek screen PowerVR GE8100, also the phone supports memory random 1 GB RAM, with a storage capacity of 8 GB.

Phone Nokia 1 Plus featuring a camera background accurately 8 mega pixel camera with Auto Focus feature, LED flash, it also has a camera front accurately 5 mega pixel camera, with style and beauty especially on the phone.

It is estimated that the Nokia 1 Plus red, blue, along with black color, as the phone is available at a starting price of $ 89 in specific areas.

Nokia 210 comes with a QVGA size 2.4 inch, with LED flash and VGA in the back, and software S30, that comes at the price of only $ 35.


I know of

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