HMD unveils four new phones, Nokia 1 and 7 plus 6 and”8 Cherokee”

نوكيا 8 شيروكو

نوكيا 8 شيروكو

The company revealed a HMD, the Royal brand Nokia business, announced four new phones during the Barcelona Exhibition MWC 2018, which officially begins on 26 February.

Provided company phone “Nokia 8 Cherokee” Nokia 8 Sirocco made of glass by 95%, with the side edges of the stainless steel. It is a device that has a 5.5-inch pOLED stretch the entire front face.

The company is keen to remove the port clear of relying on the USB-C port only, with the transfer of the sensor footprint for the face and back, which protects the Dual Camera accurately 12 megapixel camera with the application of professional development allows the user to control settings of the lens manually on the lines of professional cameras. At the time of the resolution of the camera front 8 megapixel camera, and here HMD to provide the possibility of imaging using cameras at the same time.

The “Nokia 8 Cherokee” with a processor “Snapdragon 835” book 6 gigabytes with storage space of 128 GB, with support for wireless charging too, that is available at a price of 920 USD starting from April 2018.

And add the phone to the previous flagship, the company introduced the Nokia Phone 7 plus, which carries the same camera of “Nokia 8 Cherokee”, but with the reliance on ceramic instead of glass, by addressing the “Snapdragon 660” and screwing 4 GB, and finally the storage space is 64 GB.

And device screen 6 inch LCD, with front camera 16-megapixel battery 3800 Milli amp. As also holds the outlet to the heavens, and all this at a price of 490 USD starting from April also.

The phone was Nokia 6 with a processor “Snapdragon 630” and the caretaker. 3 GB and storage space of 32 GB, with the possibility of getting a copy myself 4 GB of space and 64 GB. The device rear camera 16 megapixel front and 8 megapixel camera, a battery of 3000 Milli-amp, which is available as an option is cheaper than the previous phones at a price of 343 USD.

Finally, the company disclosed the phone’s low specifications is the Nokia 1, The processor “MediaTek” with a frequency of 1.1 GHz, and screwing with 1 GB RAM with storage space of 8 GB. The screen is 4.5 inches back camera 5 megapixel, front 2 megapixel camera without a sensor footprint or NFC sticker.

It should be noted that all the previous phones can increase their selves own storage card “Micro SD”, as all work is also running Android oreo, including Nokia 1 that works by “Android oreo Guam” light.

Nokia 1

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