HMD use to rename its brand of smart phones

He confessed to Pranav Shroff from the company HMD GLOBAL in remarks recently made the mistake of the company in the style of the selected label brand of smart phones which didn’t support the brand in the spreads in the markets, despite the efforts of the company during the financial period.

In comments to Pranav Shroff from the HMD Global provided by لGadgets360, he stressed that the choice of the company to settle the company versions of smart phones has led to user confusion, as it did not support the spread of mobile phones or promoted optimally.

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This is the confession of the HMD as a result of the efforts of the company in the development versions of the company’s phones from Nokia features a new, except that the company faced significant competition in the markets, which are not supported by updates and cascading from the company that came to the level of differentiated pricing to satisfy all users.

The first reason in the inability of the HMD to promote a better identity of its smart as a result of the pattern that was chosen in the naming of its smart phones, which didn’t let users choose the version favorite smoothly, where it made HMD all of هواتفNokia 5 6, and 7, and also 8 in 2017, and then returned to the company a new strategy. select the label brand in 2018, with Nokia 1 as the average of the company, while Mark Nokia 8 Sirroco issuance is possible, while usually provide the Plus series in the second half of 2018.

Recall that the HMD is planning after this confession to start to choose a new label for her phones smartphones for users to choose better between the versions of the company during the coming period.


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