HMD will be an event on October 4 in London to detect the phone Nokia new

I started HMD Global owner of the brand Nokia in the distribution of invitations for an event company in London on 4 October to reveal the latest Nokia phones which will be available in the global markets.

Event of this size in London means that we might see the launch of the phone leading like Phone platforms Nokia 9 but all sources indicate that the next phone is the Nokia 7.1 Plus which is the upgraded version of Nokia Phone 7 Plus which received echoes of the good since its release.

Wait, I’m carrying a Nokia phone 7.1 plus a screen size of 6 inch with a processor Snapdragon 710 and 6GB RAM with 128GB storage memory with improvements for the camera and battery to have the phone within the Android Wen.

Anyway, we won’t use in the more techno, we’ll wait until the start of the event on 4 October next to find out what has Nokia.


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