“Hold the flag”.. Trend Micro cyber Talens targeted to a contest of information security among the Arab States

In collaboration with the ’cyber talent‘, has announced ’Trend Micro incorporated‘, listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange and the Toronto Stock Exchange, Hosted the quiz the security of regional information between the Arab States and ’hold the flag, yesterday in the hotel ’Dusit Thani lake view Hotel‘ in Cairo.

The team won the factory, which includes all of Ibrahim mosaad Mahmoud Jamal and Anwar and Abdul Rahman, tear to shreds, the first place which qualifies to join the World Championship organized by ’Trend Micro‘ in the Japanese capital Tokyo during October 2018. This has involved leading the winning teams in the national contests which was previously played in the UAE, Egypt, Morocco, Sudan, and Jordan to compete in the regional finals contest information security, Arab.

In collaboration with the ’Trend Micro‘ as a strategic partner, expecting ’cyber talent‘ contest ’hold the flag‘ considered appropriate in the field of cyber security; where the participants agree different challenges across various categories among which reverse engineering of malicious software, the security of the site, and the analysis of criminal, Digital, Network Security and others. Represents a contest of information security ’hold the flag‘ platform model through which it develops the participants knowledge in this regard through plans to real challenges in the world of cyber security.

On this occasion, said Nora, well, the Executive Director for micro‘ in North Africa and the Levant: “experiencing cyber-attacks, the pace of growth led to the damage and risks. During the period between 10-20 years, we can assume the continuity of these risks, which paid ’Trend Micro‘ towards the adoption of a systematic and progressive in the field of cyber security. We have been one of the pioneers in the development of strategies to build skills that will help us in strengthening our commitment to making cyberspace safer for everyone. Considers the contest ’catch the flag‘ is one of the initiatives that we support, given didn’t give us expectations of a more sustainable security of a strong and effective cyberspace sector as a whole”.

Overall, according to a press release, featured 11 teams among the competitors in the national contests of electronic security in the Middle East and Africa to reach the regional finals for the competition. Noted light well to the substantial rise in the number of teams participating in the competition annually, which reflects the positive trend would help in narrowing the skills gap in the area of cyber security.

The okay: “over the past years, continued to contest The ’hold the flag‘ to attract the competencies are exceptional; the ’Trend Micro‘ pleased to help in turning the contest into a great platform that will inspire efficiency and the Arab street in the area of cyber security, retention, and strengthen the extent of its involvement. Increases pride in the high numbers of women participating in the contest ’catch the flag‘. Participation, partnership and integrated among young people is essential to building a digital world safer”.

He explained moataz Salah, the chief executive of ’cyber talent‘, that in addition to capacity building, meshes quiz ’hold the flag‘ with their mission in raising awareness of the importance of cyber security in the region; he said: “the contest ’catch the flag‘ the starting point of the Arab youth competence in the field of cyber security to achieve greater ambitions in life. And beyond just putting their skills in the spotlight, and to our active role played by the contest ’catch the flag‘ in empowering young people and helping them use their skills to make great contributions to build a culture of positive security in the Middle East”.

Will take the competition to the regional information security of the Arab ’hold the flag‘ 2018 method of solving the problems related to the security of cyberspace; where the participating teams a list of different challenges across diverse categories inthis area. As soon as you stop to solve any of the challenges, the team a specific number of points depending on how difficult the challenge. Will be the winning team who achieves the highest result in the end of the day. Moreover, he will be eligible for the hero of the regional to participate in the contest ’catch the flag‘ world or the so-called ’Cup Raymond janes from Trend Micro‘, which is hosted by the Japanese capital Tokyo on 15 and 16 November next.

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