Hollywood stars take on the application of snapchat, you know, the last retreating


Declared Chrissy teigen’s casual fashion note program Lip Sync Battle network , the Paramount Network for its abandonment of the application snapchat, to join the list of celebrities and stars who did this step before.

She wrote teigen’s on her account on Twitter, which owns 110 million follow-up: “I stopped using snapchat application, for several reasons, namely modernization and constant complaints from people who can’t find their account, in addition to reconnaissance Rihanna”.

Chrissy TeigenChrissy Teigen’s

According to Thenextweb , the Dutch, has raised Rihanna is a big problem earlier this month, and in considerable controversy about the chat application, after allow the app display ad making fun of them, called at the time its fans to stop using it soon adopted the Snap, the parent company for comment, but the company’s shares fell by 4%.

And teigen’s latest celebrities who have decided to abandon snapchat, in February last, announced Kylie Jenner on the left snapchat too, she wrote in a tweet to follow them who their number exceeds 24.5 million, through: “do no longer anybody else opens snapchat? Or am I just, this is very sad”.

After the tweet, Jenner, shares dropped Snap by 8%, leading to a decline in its market value of $ 1.3 million, however, returned to Jenner to the app again after posting this tweet.

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