Home consoles may cost buyers $ 840 million dollars additional in the holiday season this year

xbox playstation

Tell corporate America to manage the Trump that the trade war escalating with China will be the US economy. This comes at a time in which to hold hearings general to consider raising tariffs for all products imported from China increased by 25%.

There is no good news for the players. The companies say the industry leader in home consoles that the tariffs imposed on imports from China may prevent a quarter of American families from buying home consoles in the holiday season this season.

I wrote Microsoft and Nintendo and Sony in a letter to the Office of the trade representative of the United States of America on 17 June, that the increase in tariffs might make the Xbox and Nintendo Switch and Playstation out of reach for many American families.

The companies say, citing a study from the Economic Community, The Independent Trade Partnership for the Consumer Technology Association to buyers who will purchase the home consoles masculinity above will enter collectively in the holiday season 840 million US dollars more than if not to impose customs duties.

In a joint letter was discovered for the first time by the location of Vice, demanded three companies to manufacturer for home games mentioned above from the management of Trump removal of the home consoles of the final list of products that you will be charged a fee, given that 96% of such devices benefit directly to the United States from China.

Administration imposed a Trump tariff of 25% on $ 250 million of Chinese imports and to expand it to 300 million additional imports. Responded to the Chinese government, which accused her of American government repeatedly stealing trade secrets and sharing technology with the government to approve the deals, with tariffs of its own on American goods.

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