Home open apply Apply broadcast games Rainway


We had told you previously about the application of the Rainway specialized in broadcast games from platform to another by means of wireless connection Wi-Fi (you can think of similar to for Remote Play between the feta and the PlayStation four).

App yesterday entered in the egg stage open by site (trial version available to everyone), and then will be available later for smart devices and there is no specific date for home appliances, which does not seem to us that they allow this app currently, and if this is only the conclusion of the party, and not just wait to make sure it.

Sure would be great if this app on all devices at the end, and anyway, can this app that allows you to broadcast the games that have it on the PC like to meet her on the screen of the smart devices that you have.

The app is not the first of its kind, but it caused an uproar as consumption of household appliances and especially your new hybrid Switch.

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