HomePod could never become a “smart” device

Despite the fact that work on creating HomePod came in a period of rapid development of Siri, the team voice assistant did not know about the existence of the project “smart” speakers until 2015. About The Information told by former employees of Apple. According to them, initially it was assumed that the HomePod will be a regular column without the slightest claim to intellect.

Siri, no matter how disruptive it may seem, is really not a large part worked on its development engineers. Voice assistant was not naturally pushing away users. At some point in time the idea was put forward to allow for the development of Siri third-party developers, but is not very flexible, so this was abandoned.

The starting point, marking the merger of Siri and HomePod, was the launch of the Amazon Echo at the end of 2014. Despite the fact that only a few people knew who and why “smart” speaker, in Cupertino have quickly seen which way the wind blows. From the moment Apple began to actively seek ways to improve voice assistant, buying for this purpose startup VocalIQ, engineers who “humanize” Siri.

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