HomePod was useless?

In February of this year began selling the HomePod is the first smart speakers Apple. This device can not be considered affordable — it costs about $ 349. This pricing policy has undoubtedly affected the popularity of the product. According to research firm CIRP, HomePod is only 6% of the market of smart speakers in the United States. Despite the impressive growth in this category, the share of smart HomePod column remains unchanged. What Apple did wrong?

According to experts, the HomePod was released to the market very late. Similar solutions from Amazon and Google appeared much earlier and were met with consumers quite well, as evidenced by statistics: more than 50% of the owners of the speaker system Amazon Echo in the future acquired the budget version of the Echo Dot. In the case of Google, Home, about 40% of users bought the Home mini.

Another reason why sales do not grow HomePod — an unjustified high price. The best-selling model of its competitors can boast a price of 50-60 dollars, which of course is not comparable with the cost of smart speakers Apple. Remarkably, the product did not arouse interest even fans of the brand. According to the statistics, only 2% of owners of Apple devices bought for personal use HomePod.

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