HomePod were not wanted in Russia

Have you noticed that lately nothing is heard about HomePod? Despite the fact that from time to time, Apple releases updates to smart speakers, they usually don’t contain anything interesting. The same goes for rumors. If another six months or a year ago in the Network were regularly leaked leaks about the imminent release of available models, in the past few months is nothing like that in sight. All this creates a feeling that Cupertino is preparing a Grand or upgrade line of smart speakers in secrecy, or gradually become disillusioned in his own product that is almost no demand. In Russia so for sure.

HomePod – a niche product and there’s no escape

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Gray retailers, which had a fairly actively traded HomePod in Russia, practically ceased to import into the country a new batch of speakers. As a result, buy smart speaker now only in a limited number of stores. In any case, as of the end of November on “Yandex.Market” in Moscow there are only two sellers who are ready to offer a column here and now. All the others either removed the HomePod from their range, or promise to bring the device on pre-order, indicating the low popularity of a product.

Why HomePod is so expensive

HomePod is still sold in Russia, but only in a limited number of places and much more expensive than its real price

However, those who are willing to offer HomePod to purchase upon payment, most likely bringing in speakers in single copies, capensia an exclusive product is quite high price. For example, today to buy HomePod less than 30 thousand rubles, you are unlikely to succeed, despite the fact that the price column in the European Apple Store is 329 euros, from which gray retailers are entitled to discount of 20% for the Tax Free program. She is available to all residents of the European Union at the border crossing, whereby Servoz and get the opportunity to set such low prices for imported electronics.

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But in the last year HomePod in Russia cost about 18 thousand rubles and was presented at least a half dozen sellers. However, entrepreneurs quickly realized that the column is not in demand among local consumers, and therefore decided to refuse further deliveries. In the end, those who really need it, buy it for 30 thousand, and those who do not need, and do not take for 18.

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Such low interest HomePod in Russia – and I believe in other countries is not language restriction. If you wish to add music from your smartphone, and if not on hand, you can use pre-learned phrase in English. Most likely, the fact that the purpose of the gadget is not yet determined even in Cupertino. Still, those who really know music, obviously you want anything more advanced, and expensive, and for those who are not versed will enough portable solutions from JBL or Marshall.

Why you need a smart column

But smart column should not just play music but also to help the user. Here and there is the RUB. The fact that most users are not used to access the voice assistant on any issues. High than we are, it’s a request to put an alarm clock or to record a reminder, because to manage with it, smart home inferior. I tried, but quickly abandoned. Personally it is easier for me to turn the lights on from a smartphone than to ask an assistant. And household tasks that users can theoretically put in front of a clever column, it is usually performs over time, or not knowing what they want from it, or doing something wrong due to capacity constraints.

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