Honda reveals more details about its electric car next Honda E

هوندا تكشف المزيد من التفاصيل عن سيارتها الكهربائية Honda E

Honda unveiled model of a car its electric boat at the beginning of the year without the development of internal specifications to control or even to provide more details for the interior design which was a vague kind of, but the shape of the car the luster of its exterior design was sleek and attractively eye-catching and provides a system-level problem for electric cars, with new details revealed by the company now about Homda E obviously it will be a process as much as their outer beauty.

While the grating that Honda E will be an electric car strictly rear with the quad characteristic ensures vehicle stability while on the road and turns, with it being will be supported batteries lithium-ion distributed dimension is equal in the middle of the floor which serves the stability and also.

In the put Honda the batteries the problem the car will be shipped by Charger Type 2 AC or fast charger CCS2 DC to get the proportion of 80% of charging in just 30 minutes, knowing that the car will be able to cut more than 128 miles on a full charge per hour to be suitable for within the city, was opened for pre-order on Honda E on the European continent just where it will be available in the market there later this year.

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