Honor launches first smart TV as HONOR Vision system with HarmonyOS

Announced honor, a subsidiary of Huawei’s first smart TV HONOR Vision to begin its expansion into additional areas besides smartphones.

هونر تُطلق أول تلفزيون ذكي باسم HONOR VisionHonor launches first smart TV as HONOR Vision

Started the company to honor her career in the world of smart TVs with a screen to HONOR the Vision supported by the Sharp Tech that the development of its own, and three chips including chip Honghu 818 work, and a download processing unit nervous of the camera supported by artificial intelligence, third, the support of Wi-Fi technology. Also the screen will be the first of its kind that works on the operating system Harmon “HarmonyOS” developed by the company.

The company says that the new screen download chip Wi-Fi HiSilicon Hi1103 which is a first bandwidth 160 MHz speed downloads of up to 1.7 gigabit per second, which is what makes it faster than others in this area at the rate of 1.7 times. Thus, will provide the possibility to watch videos in 4K smoothly larger.

In download screen HONOR the Vision Processing Unit nervous HiSilicon Hi3516DV300 to support the smart camera at the TV, you can turn the face recognition and location of objects similar to what you do smartphone cameras.

Published honor in her statement about the launch of the new TV: ” aims to HONOR the Vision to play a decisive role in the future of family life the smart. It is not just the center of home entertainment but also the Centre for management and information control centre to activate multiple devices. Provide HONOR Vision experience audio and video unique with written content and a range of other platforms, to operate as a center comprehensive to TV series and variety shows, movies, music, animations, and more.”

It should be noted that Huawei has officially unveiled the system HarmonyOS in the developers conference this month, and then launched it on TV, honor the new.

A new phone also

هونر تُطلق أول تلفزيون ذكي باسم HONOR VisionHonor 20 Pro

It was Honer has recently launched phone HONOR 20 PRO, which comes with the camera is a quad sensor Sony IMX586 supported artificial intelligence and wide lens the size of f/1.4. Also, the phone has a processor Kirin 980 with 7 nm supported artificial intelligence and on the devices of Huawei-leading, next to the internal storage of 256 GB.

In adds phone strongly battery 4,000 mAh battery supports continuous use throughout the day, according to the company.

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