Honor learn about sell 1.5 million phones (view 20) and improving the job for the games

هونور تعلن عن بيع 1.5 مليون هاتف (فيو 20) وتعد بتحسين مهم للالعابHonor learn about sell 1.5 million phones (view 20) and improve the important for games.

Honor learn about sell 1.5 million phones (view 20) and improve the important for games.

He said the company Honor China, which is one of the arms of Huawei Global, she said to phone her last view 20 succeeded in achieving sales of 1.5 million units since its launch on a global scale for sale early last month.

With the number good like this for sales, to buy not rated yet in the ranking of the most selling smart phones around the world, we can expect more success, and perhaps up to a list of the top five in the race during the 3 years, as the president of the company himself, according to press statements.

Phone view 20, is phone leading for Homer Bird, and Matrouh at a lower price very much from the prices of the flagship phones for popular brands similar in specifications, a mason his way in the competition among adults .

Huawei put phone HONOR View 20 for pre-booking in Egypt

Important update For Honor View 20

Honor just announced about an important update for the phone view 20, which enhances the gaming capabilities on the phone, an update will carry the name (Gaming +) .

An update to improve the efficiency of the processor Kirin 980 of the phone by almost 20%, as it should Technology the new AI included in the update to improve the accuracy of power load forecasting for each frame by more than 30% compared to traditional methods.

Moreover, it will continue to upgrade the capacity of the high definition on the play, and the sharing of best levels for higher brightness and colors wider, thanks to the improved graphics processing unit (GPU), will benefit phone users of improved picture quality and lower power consumption.

In addition to the foregoing, the company reported a protocol of cooperation with game free, and would prevent the phone users View 20 exclusive access to a range of Fortnite Honor Guard .

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