HONOR reveal headset AM115 in the Indian market today

Revealed sign of HONOR sub-brand of Huawei for headset AM115 possible design of plastic, which launched in the Indian market today.

Gathered to hear and HONOR AM115 between the features of headphones, in-ear headphones traditional, with the design of the plastic supports installation well within the ear, How come the sky with support of ventilation standards and best toxicity, as characterized by fish at intermediate level in performance between this category from the heavens, also called the design of the sky promote the best in bass.

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The headset AM115 microphone with three buttons allow control to play and stop music, with the shift in the reception of calls.

From the other side confirms the HONOR to hear a AM115 had undergone some tests to ensure the efficiency of the design, which included 69 Test to fall, the pressure on the buttons, with some tests to change the temperature.

Hear an HONOR AM115 come in white only, also available starting from the 16th day of December in the Indian market in the Amazon.in.


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