Honor reveal her phone Honor View20 officially.. the world’s first camera 48 megapixel HD

Revealed Honor Honor about her new smart phone Honor View20, the first in the world with a camera Wallpaper HD HD accurately 48 megapixels, at a conference held by police today in Paris.

According to Michael B, president of the company, the photography features intelligent AI and impressive phone Honor View20, as well as strong performance and distinctive design, they will experience perfect for users who are looking for smartphones, dynamic fit with their lifestyle quick.

Can be camera phone Honor Honor View20 capture several images at one time, before you collect the best details of them, in order to output a single image without any defects.

Besides, he took the honor on the Promontory (note) Notch in her new Honor View20, became a front-facing camera built into the screen, making the screen area representing 91.8% of the area of the phone, front camera accurately 25 MP.

Making the back of the phone Honor View20 of a combination of glass and metal, it features the advantage of “file nanoscale” nanotexture, which gives the phone the effect and the color of my V-shaped features of vitality.

Phone Honor Honor View20 equipped with many of the capabilities of artificial intelligence AI, that includes three-dimensional camera with object AI object identification, where it can recognize more than 100 kinds of food, in addition to more than 300 brands famous and 100 thousand paintings from all over the world.

To celebrate the launch of the phone, joined the company to honor to the gaming company Epic Games, in cooperation with the payment experience of the game “free” Fortnite to the next level Advanced, where the players “free” on the phone Honor Honor View20 rate of 60 frames per second, the highest of any smart phone suitable.

Users can choose between 3 Colors For Honor Honor View20, is a Black Midnight, Blue, Sapphire Blue, Phantom.

According to honor, the phone by the Honor View20 will be issued in two versions, the first Bram 6 GB and a storage capacity of 128 GB, and its price is 11,700 pounds almost, the second Bram 8 GB and a storage capacity of 256 GB, and its price is 13,600 pounds almost.

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