Honor zatrollit Apple for iPhone 11

What users love Android smartphones? In most cases the reason is the high price of flagship model iPhone. No, of course, sometimes there are ideological children, which do not feed bread — give anything to flash or to customize, but the majority still chooses Android because of the availability. In the end, why pay a thousand dollars for a top iPhone, getting into debt or sacrificing vital parts of the body, when there on the counter is almost exactly the same Honor, but for three times less money?

Calm down, Tim, Honor jokes

The Indian mission of Honor posted on his Twitter page in the funny picture, obviously, dedicated to the release of the new iPhone. Her Chinese-Indian creatives have depicted the operating lamp, which consists of three sections and looks very similar to the location of the cameras in the iPhone 11 Pro and 11 Pro Max. And to heighten the effect the picture has added the inscription iHad the Kidneys, deliberately making the letter “i” lowercase, no one had any doubt that this joke refers specifically to Apple news.

Sell kidney for iPhone

As Huawei zatrollit Apple

The icing on the cake — the meaning of the phrase iHad the Kidneys. It translates as “I am the kidney”. This is not just a joke, and a reference to a very real event that occurred in 2010. Then 17-year-old van sankung decided to sell their own kidneys to be able to buy the iPhone 4. Buyers were found quickly and offered Wang $ 3,000, to which he agreed without any hesitation. In the end, it’s not every day you get the chance to sell what you have bought for the money.

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Perhaps the joke Honor and somewhat harsh, but in nearly 10 years that have passed since the sale of the van of their kidneys, this story was perceived as a textbook example of how in any case should not do. In the end, during this time, the iPhone not only became cheaper, but even more expensive. Compared to them even the Honor of the flagship devices that are sold for 500-600 dollars, really look like the more rational choice, which should at least be considered.

Competitors Troll Apple

In General, it seems that manufacturers of Android smartphones are competing not only for a better machine, but for the best trolling against Apple. However, not always this competition gives the result expected of him. It was the case when Samsung has decided to advertise its smartphones, focused on the fact that they have no bangs, like the iPhone X, and they are not deprived of the headphone Jack, which the then flagship Apple was gone. As a result of all through the year, the Koreans removed the defamatory ads and released the Galaxy Note 10 with display cut-out and no mini Jack. What could be more miserable?

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